One More Day Campaign 2017

It’s not every day that you meet people that end up leaving a permanent imprint on your life.  One that is filled with so many positives that it makes you pause, take a step back and revaluate the direction your life is leading you.  I’m talking that kind of friendship where you bond the instant you meet that person and have meaningful, in-depth conversations without the thought that you’re ever being judged by your actions.  I met two of those kinds of souls just over two years ago and since then they’ve touched hundreds, if not thousands, of lives.


Joanne Ma, founder of Modern Fort, and Kelly Schmidt, founder of Arrow House Style Studio (formerly Arrow House Design Studio), bonded over their shared personal experiences with cancer.  At the time, Kelly had just finished her first battle with an aggressive brain tumour.  Despite what she had just been through, Kelly’s positivity and fresh outlook on life never wavered, and ended up inspiring Modern Fort’s One More Day (OMD) campaign.


Photo credit:  Studio 86 Creative Design


Over the last two years, the OMD campaign has brought together people from all walks of life with one common thread – cancer.  The purpose of this heartfelt campaign is to raise money to conduct random acts of kindness to individuals and families within our community that are battling the effects of cancer through the sales of OMD shirts.  Every year, Modern Fort creates a new OMD design, with this year’s design in collaboration with my talented friend, Jessica Boffo of Kardz Kouture.


Photo credit:  Modern Fort


At last year’s OMD event, I had the pleasure of assisting with the styling of the long table dinner that was hosted by Modern Fort for three deserving families that have been affected by cancer.  These three families were nominated by the community and, together with Modern Fort, a number of local small businesses and a handful of volunteers, were treated to an afternoon of activities, pampering and a long table dinner.  I brought my seven year old to the event as my “assistant”, but my main goal was for him to experience the power of giving back and contributing to the community in a positive and selfless way.


Photo credit:  The Swank Social

Photo credit:  Kyrani Kanavaros Photography


Nominations are now open for this year’s OMD event, which is focused specifically on moms battling cancer.  If you know of a mom that is currently in this unfortunate situation, please take the time to nominate her.  As a mother myself, I know how we always tend to put our children’s and families needs before our own, and to have this extra burden to worry about on top of our everyday lives, I can’t even imagine how stressful it would be.  Lets ensure that these deserving moms have an opportunity to experience a day of connection, rejuvenation and just simply be focused solely on the amazing women they are.


Want to get involved?  MAKE GOOD Workshops just announced their second workshop with Makers Anonymous!  If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to make a macrame wall hanging and give back, now’s the chance.  Head over to @makegoodworkshops on Instagram for sign up information and details on upcoming workshops.  All proceeds from MAKE GOOD go towards the OMD campaign!


For more information about the OMD campaign, visit Modern Fort.


xo Kristina

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